Enthusiasts | Not Criminals
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Dedicated to the Conservation and Protection of the Automotive Enthusiast.


Mission & History

When it comes to our mission our name speaks for itself.

Enthusiasts | Not Criminals began in 2014 when a windshield banner was made. The purpose of this banner was to send a message to the police for the treatment of the car enthusiast attending the infamous H2Oi car show in Ocean City, Maryland. After a great reception by the community and fellow car enthusiasts we knew not only that this message had to be heard locally but WORLDWIDE.

Based on a negative stigma clouding the automotive society we have become treated and looked down on as hooligans, outlaws, and criminals all around the world by the police and many others. However the car community is made up of great people from all walks of life who share a strong love for modifying their cars.

Whether your into form, function, imports or muscle; we all share the same passion.

By uniting the community and pushing positivity we plan to make a statement, change that perception!

We are Enthusiasts | Not Criminals


-Modus Vivendi -

Latin for "way of life". 



Stay Tuned!

FOLLOW US on Social Media to stay tuned for important updates as this year we plan on releasing new exciting merchandise, creating videos, providing event coverage, hosting responsible car shows/meets and charity events to push our message further!